Benefits of using Avaya Phone systems

Benefits of using Cititel Avaya Phone systems written by: silvian

There is a lot of information that you will find out there when searching for phone system that suits your business needs. This information may make you confused over which one to choose for your business that will match what you need. In the many systems you may encounter, one of them stands out and will give you the value the much needed satisfaction to make your business flourish with time. The Avaya Phone systems will provide to your business the much coveted new business system technology with many advantages which combines well with the modern world reality in your business. Discussed below are the advantages that the user of this system will get as compared to those that use other types of system in their business. They include:

It makes you a lot more productive

There a lot of problems that arises for you and your business the moment that your system is down. Luckily, the Avaya makes sure that your network is working normally to keep your business’ operations as usual. This mean that you will be more productive since the reversion of the down turn means that there is no lower production since the business is always operational. There is reduced waste of time and labor trying to understand where the problem is. All these are a guarantee with the Avaya phone system.

Increases your mobility

Since Avaya Phone systems are compatible with a variety of devices, it means that you can use it even when you are away from your job station. The compatible devices include the PDA, mobile phones and many others such as the laptops which enables you to connect to the PBX wherever you maybe. You can also forward the calls to your mobile phone to ensure that even when you are away from your office, you conduct your business in the normal manner. With other features such as �find me’; even if you are away from the office or desk, the network will make the call to your mobile phone automatically with no extra forwarding compatibility being set up.

You can use only one cable

The Avaya enables you to make something called “Converges Network” which enables both the data and voice to use a single cable. This means you don’t have to separate the phone line and the t1 lite to be used for the internet access. With the simple way used in Avaya, it is less expensive, makes you bottom line improved and save you a lot of agony at the same time.

Has the best reputation

Of all the history, Avaya is part of the history in Bell Company which means a lot of reliability and quality that comes with this phone system. The system is also a good indication of innovation it the field of phone systems.

Has the capability of a top notch call center for the best customer service

The customer is the most important part of your business. With Avaya Phone systems, the customer information is stored in a database and will always pop up on the specific agent pc. This enables easy identification and a good follow up on the concern of the client.

Has choices that are scaled to fit your individual needs.

This makes them suitable for almost all companies may it be big or small. It suits the needs that are specific to your business

Can operate on a single server.

No matter where your businesses are located, with the Avaya media servers and Gateway functions, you only require a single server to operate.

With all these advantage, the avaya phone system stands out above all the other phone system. These will move your system forward and prosper since you don’t have to be in a fixed position to serve your business.